International Students

International Students and Staff in a circleAs an international student, you bring unique skills and experiences that are valued by many employers, such as cross-cultural competencies, sensitivity to diversity, second language acquisition, and proven skills in adjustment and adaptability.

Despite this, finding a job in Canada may feel overwhelming. It might also be different from how you found a job back home. You are not alone! As an international student, you have access to all of the career services and resources available at Western.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Career Education help me?

We offer support with anything related to your career or future planning.

  • Career planning
    • Many students are concerned about where to find jobs on- or off-campus, including short-term or long-term internships.
    • Book an appointment to learn how we can support you with information on these topics.
  • Interview preparation
    • Students tend to struggle with interview skills, unexpected questions, and interview preparation in general. We can help you understand the job description, practice different types of questions, and gain confidence.
    • You can also book a mock interview to help you prepare for the real thing!
  • Application document support (resumes, CVs, cover letters, etc.)
  • LinkedIn
    • Students often hesitate to apply jobs on LinkedIn because they are not comfortable using LinkedIn; we can help you learn how to build and maintain relationships with potential employers via LinkedIn.

It's ok if you don't know how to start. We'll help you understand the career planning and job search process at any stage in your journey.

How can a career coach help me understand the job market in Canada?

You probably have a good understanding of how the job market works in your home country: what the customs, expectations, and processes are when looking for a new job. Career coaches can help you navigate the same elements from the Canadian lens! We'll walk you through every step of the process so you can feel confident job hunting with Canadian employers.

At what point during my time at Western should I access career support?

The earlier the better! Like with anything that requires planning ahead, the longer you leave it, the more stress you may experience as the time to act gets closer. You know when you put off doing an assignment until just before it's due, and then you're stressed and maybe don't do as well as you could have if you had given yourself more time? Career planning is the same - if you leave it until just before you graduate, you may miss exciting opportunities along the way that will give you experiences and skills employers are looking for.

How can career coaches help me formulate and achieve my career goals?

A career coach will discuss and analyze any decisions you've already made, and point out any similar themes or what you seem to be enthusiastic about. Usually, we suggest students to take a step back and evaluate where they are, and discover their interests.

One of the greatest things we talk about with students is getting them to try different things out, or "prototyping" experiences. Without giving things a shot, you really don't know if you'll like it or have a good understanding of what your next steps are.

How do career coaches help explore career goals through career assessment?

To prepare for an ever-changing world of work we have to start working on finding answers to questions with more meaningful and actionable solutions. So the most important questions to tackle are:

  • How can I use my degree to work on interesting challenges, problems, and opportunities?
  • Where can I use the skills and expertise I have developed through my degree and other experiences?

When you reframe how you plan for the future by starting with the challenges that interest you most, you are better positioned to see the broader value of your degree and discover how many possibilities actually exist. Through the process, career coaches also help students understand what motivates them.

Try it out with digital challenge cards!

How can you help with application documents (resume, cover letter, CV, etc.)?

Whether you have a resume/CV already prepared, or you're starting from scratch, we can help you prepare application documents that are tailored to the job(s) you're applying for, and that match the expectations and norms of Canadian employers.

We'll help you understand the job description, and the relationship between it and your application documents. Employers want to know why you're a good fit and how you're positioned to help accomplish the desired outcomes of the role.

Learn more about how our team in the Western Employment Resource Centre can help you polish your resume, CV, and cover letter (including templates to get you started!).

How does interview preparation help with interview anxiety?

First of all, it's normal for everyone to feel job interview anxiety. People often get anxious about interviews due to the myths that feed into job searching anxiety, including that the employer is trying to trick you or test you. In reality, most interviewers ask you probing questions because they want to get past the superficial aspects to find out who you really are and feel out whether you'd be successful in the role.

One option to reframe the interview process is by booking a mock interview. Mock interviewers will help you prepare by asking questions based on a specific job description to encourage you to think about related examples. Through this mock interview process, you will gain more confidence to help you ace the real thing.

How does career coaching help with career changes?

If you've been focused on a primary profession throughout your career and you're now a student, and this is new to you, it's natural to have some anxiety about that. That not only involves going back to school and having homework and balancing a class schedule, but it also involves how you represent yourself on your resume.

Your previous experiences may seem irrelevant to your new professional pursuits, so you need to think about transferable skills and interests. For example, customer service representatives and healthcare workers have commonalities like attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills. Career coaches can help you articulate your transferable skills to ease your transition from one job to another.

Career coaches can also help you to present your best self in every interaction by guiding you through building your personal brand.

Making the Transition to Employment


Connecting employers with immigrant talent to foster economic prosperity through programs that include Immploy Job Match and Immploy Mentorship

Watch an Employment Workshop

Learn effective negotiation strategies when getting a job offer in Canada and gain insights into cultural expectations around maintaining employment in a Canadian work setting.

Additional Resources and Services for International Students

International & Exchange Student Centre

Learn about the requirements for working in Canada, as well as settlement, language, and visa information and resources.

WIL Employment Connections

Employment programs and services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of immigrants and newcomers to Canada.

What Students are Saying

“The support that I received from the Career Education team in securing my first job in Canada was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Besides assisting me with a mock interview, protocol for following up after an interview, negotiating a job offer, etc., from the Canadian market perspective, they also showed sincere interest in my story and career goals. They even followed up with me after I was working, and celebrated my success. I’m deeply thankful for their support during this stage in my career.” - Kerlin Lobo