Interview Preparation

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Whether you're applying for summer work, graduate school, a new job, or even a promotion, you will need to be prepared for the interview process. Interviewing is an art and the key to success is preparation.

Whether it's making sure your LinkedIn profile is updated, researching and reviewing the company's vision, or mentally and physically practicing, start early and seek out tools and resources that will help you to review your strengths and areas that may need improvement.

Prepare for these job interview questions

Zoom Interviews: 8 Tips for Your Video Interview

Ways to Practice

Mock Interview

Get basic feedback on your interview skills from a Career Profile Advisor in this 30-minute session. No session limits!

Interactive Module

A short interview skills module that will cover what employers are looking for, how to best prepare, and effective response strategies.

Interview Prep

Log in and practice from the comfort of home. Access over 1500 interview questions and video record your responses.

Interviewing in a Virtual World

Whether applying for summer work, graduate school, or your first "real" job after graduation, you need to be prepared. Learn the about the basics, strategies for virtual interviews, how to answer different questions, and ace your next interview!

Three Easy Ways You Can Begin to Prepare

1. Research the position and company

  • Contact HR for a more detailed job description, talk to people working in the field, and most importantly, talk to someone who already works at the organization
  • Review the company’s website, annual report, and social media presence, because a commonly asked question is, “What do you know about our organization?”

2. Review your relevant qualifications

  • Understand the value of what you have to offer the organization, not simply what the organization can offer you
  • Know your resume well - tied to each of your experiences are a number of skills, traits and/or accomplishments that qualify you for the role

3. Generate a bank of personal stories

  • Be prepared to talk about your experiences and provide concrete examples
  • Create a bank of personal stories. See example here.

 Types of Interviews

Questions and Response Strategies

Learn strategies for traditional, behavioural, and situational questions.

Illegal Interview Questions

Understand what questions are legal and illegal to ask during a job interview.

Questions to Ask in an Interview

See examples of what to ask and what not to ask an employer.

Making a Good Impression

From the minute you arrive at the interview location, you are making an impression with each person you meet. What are first impressions made up of?

  • 7% is what we say
  • 38% is how we say things
  • 55% is our body language
A good first impression involves more than just your appearance. How you conduct yourself before, during, and after your interview plays an important role in creating a lasting impression.

Before the interview begins

Show up on time; there is no excuse for being late. Greet each person you meet with a smile. Initiate and participate in casual conversations. Turn off all mobile devices. If you are feeling stressed or nervous, there are a number of strategies you can use to help yourself remain calm - see our strategies for managing stress and nervousness .

During the interview

Introduce yourself with confidence. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and make eye contact. Build rapport. If possible, try to observe the interviewers' communication style and mirror it. Slow down. Even though you may be nervous, remember to speak clearly and at an even pace. Use pauses as a strategy to avoid um’s and ah’s. Notice your nonverbal cues. Try to avoid playing with your hair or jewelry, crossing your arms, slouching in the chair, or leaning over a table. Be yourself and smile!

After the interview

Send a thank-you note within 24 hours. Ask for feedback. Write down the questions you were asked. Reflect on and learn for your next interview. Stay positive. See our example thank you note.

Additional Interview Preparation Resources


LinkedIn Learning

Check out videos from industry professionals on developing effective interview skills.


Career Workshops

Learn tips and strategies, and practice your skills in a group setting.


Career Appointments

Book a one-on-one appointment with a Career Coach to discuss interview strategies or other interview concerns.


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North de Pencier

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