Managing Stress and Nervousness

You can manage the stress and nervousness tied to the interview process in a number of ways.

  • Exercise – moderate and regular amounts leading up to the interview.
  • Eat well – consider high protein foods to keep you going throughout the duration of the day, as opposed to carbohydrates which will give you an initial boost but may make you lose energy after only a couple hours.
  • Sleep - establish regular sleeping patterns if you can and try not to stay up late before the interview preparing or partying.
  • Breathing exercises – use abdominal breathing when you find yourself getting anxious. This can be done when you’re preparing or while you’re waiting to go into the interview. This technique will force to you redirect your focus to your breathing and will allow you to “get out of your head”.
  • Visualization – many athletes use visualization and positive imagery to help enhance their performance in a race or game. Imagine performing with confidence throughout your interviews and delivering excellent responses.
  • Relaxation & meditation – try downloading an app such as Calm