Explore + Connect

There are many paths that can lead you to the type of future you want. By exploring the options available to you as a student, you will develop a clear understanding of opportunities you may wish to pursue. Through volunteering, experiential learning activities, entrepreneurial endeavors, and researching other possibilities, you will begin to settle on which path feels right for you.

Careers by Degree

Learn about some of the exciting directions you can take your degree and skills.

Volunteering & Leadership

Get involved, on-campus or in the community, and develop personal connections outside the classroom walls.


Engage in entrepreneurial ventures to apply your knowledge, creativity, and skills to real-world problems and products.

Experiential Learning

Gain practical, hands-on learning experiences, apply your knowledge, strengthen skills, clarify interests and values, and strengthen employability, all while collaborating meaningfully within communities and industries.

Jobs, Employers, Industry

Discover possibilities on the horizon and explore the jobs, employers, and industries that most interest you.

Further Education

Looking to further your education through graduate, professional, or other additional education? Check out the tips, tricks, and tools that we can help you with.