Outcome Campus Connect

Back of student's head looking at laptop in library cubicle


Outcome Campus Connect is Canada’s experience building and job opportunity resource built for university and college students or recent graduates.

Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada and distributed to higher education institutions and employers through a partnership between Orbis and Magnet, the integrated platform enables employers, nationwide, to directly connect to the opportunity boards of universities and colleges across the country.

We are excited to make you aware that these Outcome Campus Connect job postings are literally at your fingertips. Here is how to access these job postings:

Step 1: Log in to Western Connect

Step 2: From your dashboard, choose the Outcome Campus Connect tab from the series of tabs near the top of the screen:

Screengrab of Western Connect dashboard with Outcome Campus Connect tab highlighted

Step 3: Scroll through the job postings on Outcome Campus Connect and apply to roles as they interest you