Working On Campus

There are many opportunities for on-campus employment. Think about the type of experience you want and the skills you wish to develop and then explore the different services, faculties and departments where you may find student employees. Also consider asking your friends, professors, and departments for ideas of where you might work on campus that would align with your goals.

Tips on contacting services, faculties and departments

  • Start early! Many departments will hire in February for the following fall
  • Be professional (e.g. in what you wear, your email or face to face communications)
  • Explain why you are contacting them
  • If they are hiring, ask if there is a job description so that you can determine if you have the necessary skills
  • Find out how they would like you to apply (for example, by dropping off your resume, filling in an online application, or sending an email)
  • If there are no positions available, ask if they know when they anticipate hiring again and when you should contact them
  • If you are interested in a specific academic subject, approach that department to find out if they have any opportunities for you

Your contact might sound like this

Hello. My name is . . .  I am a student in [year + program].  I noticed that you have a variety of students who work in your department, and I am wondering if you will be hiring any more students for this year.

If the answer is YES...

Ask: "What types of roles will you be hiring for?" and "What would be the next steps if I were interested in applying for a position?"  Don’t forget to ask about the application process and deadline.

If the answer is NO...

Ask: "Is there a typical time of year when you hire students?", "When do you suggest that I check back with you?" or "Would you be aware of any other departments that may be hiring students in this area?”

Departments Who Have Previously Hired Students

  • Academic Departments – check with the administrative office for academic departments on campus. 
  • Affiliate University Colleges – Brescia, Huron and King’s University Colleges
  • Campus Recreation - Campus Recreation is the largest student employer on campus, hiring over 350 students each year. Students work part-time in a variety of positions: Membership Services associates, intramural sports officials, league coordinators, lifeguards, aerobics instructors, and personal trainers
  • Connect - Click on the “Jobs” tab, then click the “Employer” heading to alphabetize employers, scroll down to The University of Western Ontario.
  • Computer Services, Western Technology Services
  • Graphic Services
  • Housing – hires students for front desk clerks
  • Off-Campus Housing - hires students for off-campus advisors, who are trained to advise help students and their neighbours deal with issues related to living in the community. Hiring happens in Feb/March.
  • Hospitality Services - Hires dynamic and innovative individuals who are customer service-oriented to join our award-winning team of professionals.
  • University Community Centre – various retail/foodservice outlets in the UCC (e.g. The Spoke, The Wave, Productions, The Purple Store, Western Film)
  • Work Study Positions - Western’s Work Study program offers an opportunity for students to work part-time on campus in jobs that accommodate their studies. To qualify students must demonstrate genuine financial need.
  • Writing Support Centre - Hires students and professionals as new writing instructors, tutors, or administrative assistants
  • Working at Western
    • Staff Positions
      Maintained by Western’s Human Resources Department, this site provides information on administrative staff (non-academic) career opportunities and enables interested candidates to apply for these positions online.
    • Faculty Positions
      Maintained by Western’s Faculty Relations Office, this site provides information on all current academic career opportunities, including full-time faculty appointments, part-time faculty appointments (limited duties), and librarian/archivist appointments.

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