hirewesternu Winter Career Fair

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Connecting employers with YOU, the Western students they want to meet and hire.
Meet employers who are working on the challenges that interest you most

Open to ALL programs, academic levels, and alumni.

February 3, 2022 | 10am - 3pm (EST) | Virtual Event


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How it Works



Identify the challenges that interest you most. Go to  SparkPath, click SIGN UP, create a STUDENT account using the code WesternU



Explore below to find employers working on your top challenges and create a target list for the fair.


Complete the advanced registration for the hirewesternu VIRTUAL Career Fair and begin to prepare


Chat 1:1 with employers to learn about opportunities. Review conversation starters.

Click on the Challenge to See Participating Employers

Or click here to view all employers (PDF)

Redesign the Health Care System

Promote Healthy Living

Advance Health Informatics

Engineer Better Medicine

Improve Mental Health

Build the School of the Future

Protect Society from Crime

Help People Reach Their Potential

End Extreme Poverty

Foster Understanding and Respect

Make something that matters

Set things up the right way

Fix broken stuff

Master this tool

Use special equipment

Work with special materials

Distribute the Wealth

Foster Sustainable Development

Establish Fair Trade

Solve New Challenges Through Entrepreneurship

Prepare Future Leaders

Work on homes

Make buildings work

Use big machines

Give power

Control water

Weather the elements

Communicate Ideas and Emotions

Master Tools and Machines

Inspire Through Art

Make people feel better

Create Meaningful Experiences for Others

Take care of cars

Build something big

Build great products

Use computers and technology

Make it beautiful

Help people who need you

Prepare great food

Grow the food we need

Create New Artificial Intelligence

Invent New Biotechnology

Collect and use Big Data

Advance Virtual Reality

Reverse Engineer the Brain

Help others solve problems

Help teams achieve

Run your own business

Create Sustainable Energy

Protect Biodiversity and Landscape

Design the Future of Transportation

Manage the Planet's Waste

conversation-starters300x300.pngSample Conversation Starters

You now have a list of employers who are working, in some way, on the challenges that interest you most. The recruiters at the VIRTUAL Career Fair can help you explore these challenges in more detail and help you better understand how to best prepare for work in these fields. Consider asking the following:

  1. I've read that your company is working on [INSERT CHALLENGE]. Can you tell me more about what this looks like?
  2. How do the roles you're hiring for contribute to solving the challenges you're working on?
  3. How have the challenges your company is working on changed over time? Do you think they will continue to evolve in the future?
  4. What are a few important things you've learned from working in this field/on these challenges?
  5. What are some skills/important things you wish you'd known when you were starting out?
  6. What skills, competencies, or experiences are beneficial for a candidate to have?
  7. What would you recommend I be doing now to prepare for a career in this field/to work on this challenge?



Review the list of participating organizations above; new attendees are added regularly.

Visit the organizations’ websites to gain an understanding of who they are and what they do. Prepare a list of questions to show what you’ve learned about the company and to find out more.

Prioritize a list of organizations to connect with.

Develop and practice your Elevator Pitch.

Review the other ways to prepare.



Greet recruiters with a smile, introduce yourself using your Elevator Pitch.

Listen attentively to the company representatives when they are talking to you.

Ask about the challenges they are working on, trends in their field, advice on how to prepare for roles within their company, and how they stay current in their field.

Ask for the representative's email address so that you may keep in touch. Write a brief note to remind yourself of the conversation.


Email or send a thank you note to representatives from the companies you are interested in.

Remind them of who you are, in what position(s) you are interested, and what you could contribute to their organization.

Request an interview and include a more targeted resume if appropriate.


Other Ways to Prepare

Have Your Resume Reviewed

Attend a virtual drop-in session for feedback on your resume and cover letter or access our digital resources and examples at anytime!

Talk to a Career Educator

Get help with issues such as identifying career options, making career decisions, and implementing effective job search strategies. Book an appointment.

Attend a Workshop

Topics such as “Improve Your Resume & Cover Letter” or “How to Grow Your Professional Network” will help build your confidence.