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In an ever-changing world of work, employers are looking for people who possess agility and transferable skills. It is important to think beyond your degree and beyond job titles when job searching, and focus instead on the kinds of problems you hope to solve or challenges you'd like to tackle.

QuotesNew survey reveals 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.

Covid-19 related summer job search resources

Conduct a Virtual Job Search

Outcome Campus Connect

Access MORE job postings through Outcome Campus Connect.

Find Advertised Remote Jobs

Search for jobs that you can do from home. See 10 websites to find freelance and remote jobs or 13 fully remote companies.

Job Leads in Booming Industries

Business has increased significantly for some industries amid COVID-19 to meet market demand.

List of Essential Workplaces

Ontario's list of businesses that can remain open. See the industries and employers that are likely still hiring.


Prioritizing Your Job Search Time 


Improving Your Job Search Skills

  • Learn about the diversity of occupations, the hidden job market, and skills employers are looking for in this short, interactive module

Accessing Your Network

  • Help people help you; tell everyone around you what kinds of problems and challenges you want to be working on
  • Reach out to roommates, professors, family, and neighbours

Developing a New Network

Using Social Media

  • Create your professional LinkedIn profile
  • Follow employers on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook

Conducting Informational Interviews

  • Connect with people working in your field of interest
  • Find out about career paths you never knew existed


Accessing General Job Search Sites

Updating Your Job Search Documents

  • Stand out from the competition by creating tailored, accomplishment-based resumes and cover letters using our fantastic resources
  • Get personalized feedback from WERC

Safe Job Searching

Protect your personal information and identify problematic employers/job postings. 

Get Job Search Help

Book a career appointment for personalized job search support.

Prepare Your Documents

Have your resume and cover letter reviewed in a one-on-one feedback session.

Practice for the Interview

Improve your interview skills and ace the interview!